Bridging the gap between
child care and cheerleading

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Work ethic

Little Athletes, big cheers!

discover the magic of cheerleading kids

The owners and staff of the Child Care Cheer Academy are qualified and experienced in the child care field and have a extensive history in the cheerleading industry. From all star cheer to recreational cheerleading, the foundation of this program prides itself on knowing and implementing fundamental practices related to the cheer industry and early childhood field.


Join the dynamic cheerleading organization exclusively for child care providers!


To Promote and uphold school spirit, unity and pride. Represent the school to the highest degree.


To develop strong and confident young children. through the sport of Cheer, preparing them for their next phase of life beyond preschool.


Cultural understanding and diversity across educational communities.
Higher education progression across the ece field.


Through youth cheerleading camps, even the youngest kids can begin to understand the importance of being connected to a larger community. In addition, they discover that being a cheerleader means contributing to something bigger than themselves. They are part of a team that represents a school and an athletic community. This sense of belonging is so important for the emotional development of children. A strong bond formed between a cheerleading squad, a coach, and the community is an emotional foundation upon which a young person can build for years to come.